About Me

I'm Laurine Dargaud, a Master 1 student in engineering at Ecole Centrale de Lille in France, getting specialised in digital technologies and computer science.

My Pharo Experience

I completed a 6-months internship at RMoD research team with Stéphane DUCASSE during a year-off, where I discovered the programming language of Pharo.

  • Pharo Courses and MOOC, taught by Stéphane DUCASSE

  • Contributions to Pillar, a markup-syntax, parser and documentation generator in Pharo

  • Integration of Pillar command-lines with CLAP

  • Development of MicroDown with Stéphane DUCASSE and Guillermo POLITO: the markup syntax based on MarkDown used for class and method comments in Pharo Virtual Machine

  • Contribution to the International Workshop of SmallTalk Technologies (IWST 2020), with the following paper: “Microdown: a clean and extensible markup language to support Pharo documentation

  • Development of the first version of an editor: PEAR [Pillar Editor And Renderer] which provides a dynamic render in Spec2 supporting both Pillar and MicroDown syntaxes

Other accurate experiences in computer science

Programing languages I studied: Python, Java, CamL, SQL, HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript

My computer science projects:

  • I realised a first programming project by myself during my Scientific Preparatory Class - a very particular French program to get prepared for engineering school admission contest: I coded a Python 2D-simulation for particle diffusion.

  • Arriving at Centrale Lille, I have been introduced to various fields of computer science like Object-Oriented Programming in Java and Data Science with machine learning algorithms.

  • I managed a 16-students team for a game development engineering project which led to a partnership with Ankama, a French game producer.

  • Thus I got the opportunity to achieve a 6-months internship as a technical project manager at the Information Systems Department of Ankama.

Next September, I plan to start a double-degree at DTU [Denmark Technical University] for the “Human-centered Artificial Intelligence” Master Degree.

Being interested in open-source projects, I would love to take part of the GSoC with Pharo this year. I feel motivated and I would be delighted to contribute again to the great Pharo community and to discover new fields and Pharo projects!