Google Summer of Code

2021 Edition

Hello world,

Welcome to my online blog for Google Summer of Code 2021!

I am Laurine Dargaud, and I am very glad to contribute to the Pharo community, with my mentors Serge STINCKWICH, Etienne DELAY & Norbert HARTL.

My project topic is :

"Classes and Methods for Spatial Data" in Pharo

More precisely, I aim to develop tools in Pharo to visualise geo-spatial data, based on the OGC "Simple Features" standards. For this purpose, I split my work into three main steps. First, I will gather information and read documentation about existing geo-spatial tools in both Pharo and other languages (like Python). Then I will develop a functional Pharo model, with unit tests and continuuous integration practices. Finally I will make my engine able to provide visualisations and to perform interactions.

Web visualisation based on GeoJSON data which describes 4 European capitals with meta-data

I will use this online blog to share the statement of my progress, some documentation, my achievements, the issues I may encounter and how I would solve them.

Have a great GSoC everyone!

Laurine Dargaud